Renovations & Extensions

Turn Your Existing Home into Your Dream Home with A Professionally Completed Renovation or Extension Using ORB Constructions

Outgrowing your home but don’t want to move?
Have extra yard space that you’re not using that could be better utilised?
Always wanted to add a second storey to your home?
Is your kitchen or bathroom looking dated and in need of renovating?

For more than 25 years ORB Constructions has been working with homeowners throughout Melbourne to help them transform their homes and give them the modernisation, additional living space or layout change they’ve been dreaming about.

We understand that for many people the idea of having strangers in your home completing major renovations can be a daunting task, which is why we do everything we can to make the process as simple and stress free as possible for you.


  • We get to know you – We pride ourselves on our customer service so you’ll never be treated as “just a number.”
  • Project management from start to finish – Aproject like yours often involves lots of people and can be difficult to coordinate all players involved so we take care of all the necessary management for you.
  • Regular updates – Rather than overwhelmingyou with all the detail, we will provide you with regular progress updates with all the information you need to know that your project is on track.
  • Better quality builds – We exceed the minimum requirements of the industry through implementing quality assurance measures through the life of the project.
  • Custom designed – Your needs are unique and so should be your renovation which is why we work with you to ensure that all your requirements are met for the new space.
  • Clear agreements up front – Know exactly what’s included and what’s not as well as the agreed budgets and timeframes, from the start of yourproject so there’s no surprises.


We work with you to design a new kitchen that is perfectly suited to your needs now and in the future.Guidance is provided on utilising space, making the most of natural light, choosing appliances and fittings to suit the new kitchen and helping you to source the best deals on the market for these items. Our experienced and skilled team deliver quick and effective installation of your new kitchen by utilisingreliable project management practices.

Achieving a space that has improved functionality and aesthetics is our end goal when it comes to bathroom renovations. After working with you to finalise a design, you have the opportunity for our experienced team to help you select tiles and accessories that will work perfectly in the room and ensure you achieve the look that you’re after. We only work with qualified, skilled tradespeople to ensure every element of your bathroom is completed to the highest standards so it will stand the test of time.

If you have yard space not being used and not enough living space indoors then a ground floor addition may just be the solution for you. We collaborate with you to determine how best to utilise the additional space to ensure you get the most from it. With 25+ years’ experience, we can guide you through the council approvals process and get your addition underway sooner, completing the project within your preferred timeframe and budget, with minimal disruption to your lives.

If don’t have the extra yard room to spare, then the addition of a second storey is a more affordable solution that you may decide on. This kind of renovation changes the entire look and feel of your home so we workshop with you to create a design that will be both sympathetic to the existing aesthetics while granting you the extra living space you need. There’s no denying that a second storey addition will cause some disruption to your lifestyle however we work to minimise interruption and noise as much as possible.

Period homes need additional care and skill when it comes to renovating so our experienced designers will work with you to deliver creative solutions to create a design that meets both your lifestyle needs while remaining faithful to your home’s special features. We employ specialised tradespeople skilled in this area to ensure that your period home renovation is delivered to the highest building standards with the additional attention to detail needed for this unique type of project.

If you’ve had a bad experience with another builder with disappointing results,then we can help. Poorly renovated bathrooms can pose serious risks when it comes to water damage so the sooner that they can be addressed, the better. Kitchen renovations gone wrong usually result in one of the most commonly used rooms in the home becoming dangerous or an eyesore you hate looking it. While the idea of getting someone else to fix the problem can seem overwhelming, the result is usually worth it.